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3 stories with knitting as a theme - The Twenty-First Wish by Debbie Macomber, Coming Unraveled by Susan Mallery and Return to Summer island by Christina Skye...

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the knitting diaries Reviews

  • Leah
    2019-04-20 20:10

    THE KNITTING DIARIES - 3.5 STARS"The Twenty-First Wish" by Debbie Macomber - 3 starsThis is the first thing that I've ever read by Debbie Macomber. I've never really been too interested in reading her books so it was nice to get a little feel of her writing from this novella. I would say that this one is definitely a nice story, but it wasn't really for me. Everything just felt too...neat."Coming Unraveled" by Susan Mallery - 5 stars"Coming Unraveled" is the story of Robyn and T.J., and if sort of a prequel to Mallery's latest, upcoming novel Already Home. It is a very cute story and I'm glad I read it. I always love Mallery's novels/novellas and this was no exception. It is definitely more along the lines of romance than Already Home, which is women's fiction."Return to Summer Island" by Christina Skye - 2.5 starsThis story started out dumb. Very dumb. First, Caro and Gage tell their life stories to each other after knowing each other for approximately twenty minutes. Huh. Yes, I can definitely see that happening. Then, they make-out after knowing each other for about an hour and a half. Very sensible. However, notice that I said it started out dumb. I actually did like it by the end and found it to be very sweet. Although that might have a lot to do with the adorable animals, Bogart and Bacall.

  • Susans book review (susan miles)
    2019-05-02 12:16

    I love a good knitting fiction book, I loved the 3 stories about 3 couples love life and there love of knitting

  • SmartBitches
    2019-04-27 16:06

    Full review at Smart Bitches, Trashy BooksFor me, knitting is a comfort activity. It stimulates me creatively, but the repetitive motions of knitting and purling are incredibly soothing. I don’t knit as much in the summer, but now that fall is upon us (at least, it is here), I want the cozy feeling of curling up with a movie and my latest knitting project.When I picked up The Knitting Diaries, I was hoping for the same feeling of coziness. Normally I don’t read a lot of sweet contemporaries, but it was storming out, I was achy from fibro, and the fact that all the stories featured knitting compelled me to try the anthology.I loved 2/3 of the book, and the whole reading experience left me warm and fuzzy. The book also comes with three knitting patterns (one for a purse, one for a puppet, one for arm warmers), but the patterns don’t contain pictures which I find unhelpful. I’d definitely recommend this anthology for knitters or anyone looking for a comfort read. Just bring tissues.- Elyse

  • Kelly
    2019-05-17 18:56

    I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with Anne Marie & Ellen from one of my favourite Debbie Macomber stories Twenty Wishes. The story was fast paced, heartwarming and the emotions felt by the characters were believable.I look forward to reading more by Susan Mallery in the new year, and author whom I'd never experienced before. Her story Coming Unravelled was a very cosy read, and very reminiscent of Debbie Macomber's Blossom Street series.Christina Skye's story was an okay read, but didn't make me want to discover more by this author.

  • Kelly
    2019-04-26 13:08

    If I had known this book was a collection of three cheesy romance stories when one of my knitting buddies offered to lend it to me, I would have declined. The stories are hopelessly formulaic - young single woman with some sort of tragedy in her life (the only things that got her through was knitting!!!) meets a young man with an equally tragic past and they fall instantly and madly in love, but both of them are too damaged to admit it until they simply can't contain their epic emotions any longer - and when at last I finished, I noticed on the back cover that the publisher was a division of Harlequin. Oy. Cheesy romance novels are NOT my thing, and I would have given this book a single star, but I did get two interesting knitting patterns out of it. That must be worth another star.

  • Melissa
    2019-05-15 13:00

    This is a wonderful book with 3 stories!If you loved Twenty Wishes by Debbie Macmber, you will love the first story called The Twenty First Wish!I enjoyed Coming Unraveled by Susan Mallery - a great romance "sizzling" in a Knitting store!The last story is by Christina Skye - describing a romance between Caro and a handsome Marine she meets while staying with her Grandmother, I loved this story, and plan on looking for more books byChristina Skye.

  • Norma
    2019-05-11 14:18

    This was a wonderful set of short stories all brought together under one common theme – the love of knitting. I never learned to knit or crochet because I just wasn’t coordinated to do it. My mom, however, would sit for hours on end with needle and yarn in hands. At the start of each story, there is a knitting pattern provided that ties in with the story. I can’t judge if they are simple or not because I don’t knit. But they did sound very interesting.Twenty-One Wishes by Debbie Macomber I have been a long time fan of Debbie’s work. She lived up to my high expectations of her. Twenty-One Wishes is part of her Blossom Street series. This one follows along as Anne Marie Roche and her adopted daughter Ellen make a tough transition of moving off of Blossom Street. Tim, Ellen’s biological father, wants to spend more time with not just Ellen, but Anne also. To add another ball of yarn into the mix, Anne is dating Mel, who gets extremely jealous but just doesn’t get her heart pumping. Coming Unraveled by Susan MalleryThis is the first story I had read by Susan. I really enjoyed it. I know that this is part of a series that she has going on. So I know that I will be tracking down more of her books. In fact, this is supposed to be a prequel to one of her books.Robyn is a failed actress returning to her hometown. She goes to work for her grandmother and her friends in her store, Only Ewe. The elderly women who run the store befriend T.J. Passman who instantly becomes wary of Robyn. Do they have the ability to overcome the tension between them? Return to Summer Island by Christina SkyeThis is the first story that I had read by Christina. This was my least favorite out of the three. It was still an okay story. I just felt that she could have done so much more with it.Caro is trying to overcome the car accident that she was in. Lt. Grayson is getting ready to head back to Afghanistan. He was supposed to leave his pets with a friend of his, but his friend became seriously ill and unable to care for them. So Gage did the only thing he could think of. He left them at an animal shelter in hopes that they get adopted by a loving family. Little did he know that Caro would be the one to adopt them.In conjunction with the Wakela's World Disclosure Statement, I received a product in order to enable my review. No other compensation has been received. My statements are an honest account of my experience with the brand. The opinions stated here are mine alone.

  • Ruth
    2019-04-26 19:21

    What could an anthology of three short romances by these authors be but sweet? All feature knitters, and all three stories are preceded by knitting patterns. The Twenty-First Wish is the continuation of Macomber's Twenty Wishes (my review) and like Macomber's recent work, it is squeaky clean. With its short length, I didn't really get a feel for the characters, but since I "knew" them from Twenty Questions, it wasn't a problem. Without that background, it is simply a predictable story with an overused plot--should she go for Mr. Steady and Reliable, or Mr Makes Her Heart Go Pitter Patter. The hero and heroine in Coming Unraveled are better developed than Macomber's characters. Mallery's characters begin the book disliking each other but end it.... Both are hurting in their own way, each brings healing to the other and Grandma and her friends make this as cozy as a hand-knit scarf. It is the only one of the three stories with an intimate scene, and I'd describe it as moderately graphic.Return to Summer Island is about a young woman recovering from physical injuries and a young Marine she meets on the day before he is to return to Afghanistan. While a bit unrealistic, the story was heartwarming, and if you are an animal lover, you'll be glad to know that a dog and cat are major characters.While I doubt any of these stories will make an list of classic literature, they were all fun reads and if you like these authors and/or clean romances, give them a try. Grade: B-Thanks to the publisher for making a complimentary review copy available to me via NetGalley. I was not obligated to provide any review, much less a positive one.

  • Marian
    2019-05-15 12:06

    To my knowledge, I've never read anything by any of these authors, but I was sitting in the car waiting for someone to make it out of the grocery store and I needed something to read. Normally I start books that way and never finish them because they aren't my kind of book, but these stories were fluffy and sweet and had enough tension to keep things moving. I have no idea if they add anything to the series they're set in, but each story is very easily read and understood without having previously read the series they branch out from. When each ended, I wanted more.There were two issues for me. Coming Unraveled built up tension between our love interests and then had it dissipate after maybe two interactions. It was a let down and the story never quite recovered that balance I think is required for a romance. Home to Summer Island made a bit of a thing about a B-list romance and then never went anywhere with it. I'm not sure if this is picked up elsewhere or not, but I wanted to know more about what happened to the artist and the vet. :p

  • Mayda
    2019-04-24 12:58

    Debbie Macomber, Susan Mallery, and Christina Skye each contributed a story to The Knitting Diaries, the common link being knitting. The best story by far is Macomber’s. If you are looking for a summer beach-read that won’t interfere with your afternoon snooze, this is the book for you. The stories are shorter than the average novel, and perhaps that is why they lack character development and a more involved plot. But if all you want is a bit of a problem along the way to a happy ending, you may like this book.

  • Gulen
    2019-05-14 12:18

    Bu kitabı sadece ilk öykü için, Debbie'nin Twenty Wishes ve Summer on Blossom Street'e ek öykü olan 21st Wish için okudum; ancak hazır başlamışken 2. ve 3. öyküyü de okuyayım dedim. Daha önce hiç okumadığım haklarında hiç bir fikrim olmayan yazarlardan Susan Mallery fena değildi de, Christina Skye'ın hikayesi beni çok sıktı. Romance ve Contemporary'de dram olması janrların gerekliliklerinden ama son hikayedeki gibi dram üstüne dram üstüne dram beni sıkıyor.

  • Amy Pfeiffer
    2019-05-15 16:55

    I would have given this one more star if the Debbie Macomber story wasn't included in the book. I could barely finish her story. I didn't feel a connection with any of the characters, I didn't care who the main character ended up with, and I felt like this story was a meager continuation of a story that had already been written. The Susan Mallery story was my favorite of the three, and the Christina Skye story was very good too.

  • Cathy Daniel
    2019-05-01 13:00

    I hope this isn't unfair. I only read the first story and I'm not a big fan of short stories, so for that it's only a 3 star for me. At least she ended up with the right guy!

  • Sarah
    2019-05-12 20:04

    I have finished The Knitting Diaries and found I really enjoyed each story.

  • Katie Leversuch
    2019-05-04 20:16

    REVIEWS CONTAIN SPOILERS!Addition: Review e-book from netGalleyGenre: Female fiction, romanceRating: 4 out of 5This is a collection of short stories, written by prolific chick-lit authors Debbie Macomber, Susan Mallery and Christina Skye.Debbie MacomberKnitting is a way of life: The Twenty-First Wish by Debbie MacomberAnne Marie Roche and her adopted daughter, ten-year-old Ellen, have each written a list of twenty wishes - on which they included learning to knit. But Ellen has quietly added a twenty-first wish: that her mom will fall in love with Tim, Ellen's birth father, who's recently entered their lives...This short story follows on from the Blossom Street stories. Anne Marie had recently adopted Ellen, a girl who had been bought up by her Grandma until her death. Ellen's Dad - Tim, who didn't know until he was a father until Ellen was adopted has been spending a lot of time with both his daughter and Anne Marie. Both adults developed feelings for each other but Tim had a fiancée. When she found out about Ellen, she went back to drinking, and Tim - a recovering alcohol left her. However, Anne Marie felt messed around Tim and decided to have nothing more to do with him. However, Ellen has one wish she has told no one - that Anne Marie and Tim fall in love. Will her wish come true?I love Debbie Macomber, and I enjoyed this story. Sadly, it was too short! Macomber writes a lovely story about friendship, family and love. My favourite character was Ellen. She was cute and so likeable. She is passionate and just a delight to read. I think Macomber writes really warm, friendly characters and it is so easy to fall in love with them.The ending was not a surprise - but it was so nice! I was satisfied and happy by the conclusion. The only problem with this story was it was too short. I love the Blossom Street series - the characters, the knitting and the friendship. I really hope Macomber writes another in this series.Susan MalleryKnitting is a passion: Coming Unraveled by Susan MalleryWhen Robyn Mulligan's dreams of becoming a Broadway star give way to longing for her childhood home, she returns to Texas, running her grandmother's knitting store. But the handsome, hot-tempered T.J. Passman isn't making it easy on her. If he can learn to trust Robyn, and overcome his tragic past, they just might discover a passion like no other. Susan's story in this anthology is linked to her book ALREADY HOME (April 2011).To be honest, I didn't enjoy this story too much. It follows Robyn, a girl who had always dreamt of becoming a Broadway star. She leaves Texas for New York, but her dreams don't come to anything. She returns to Texas when her Gran needs to go in for an operation. When she walks into the knitting shop she is greeted by an angry stare from a guy she has never met - T.J. After a short, hostile chat with him, she discovers he thinks she is a fraud, lying to her Gran and living off her money. He is wrong, but will she change his mind?The problem I had with this story was it seemed really sex-driven. Every time T.J. and Robyn look at each other, Mallery seems compelled to describe all emotions and longings. It just made me bored and uncomfortable.This is another love story with knitting thrown in. Again, the ending was predictable - but who doesn't like a happy ending?! I thought Robyn's Gran and her friends were lovely characters. They were funny and so caring. They were really supportive of Robyn, even after her acting career didn't work out.This is a nice story, ruined by too much talk about sex, and the longing for it.Christina SkyeKnitting is a comfort: Return to Summer Island by Christina SkyeAfter a devastating car accident, Caro McNeal is welcomed by a community of knitters on Oregon's sleepy Summer Island. She also finds meaning and purpose in the letters she exchanges with a marine serving in Afghanistan. But when life takes another unexpected turn, will Caro pick up the threads of hope, opening her heart to wherever it takes her?Meet Caro. She loves knitting. When she isn't working, she knits. That is, until she is hit by a car and her right arm is mashed. She will face a long time in a cast, and then physiotherapy - with no guarantees that she will ever be able to knit again. She leaves Chicago to recover and goes back to the home she grew up in, with her Gran. A chance visit by Gage Greyson changes her mindset and her road to recovery. He is off to Afghanistan - leaving his pets in the care of the local vet. Caro and Gage stay in contact, will it lead to love?This is a nice love story. It is love not just for another person, but for knitting and animals. It is a story of recovery, patience and art. I thought Caro was a lovely character. She was so gutted by her accident - and so frustrated that she couldn't knit - or do much in fact. Her mindset is changed by one lovely picnic, and the need to look after Gage's two animals.To be honest, this is not a realistic story. It is about love at first sight and long-distance army relationship. Of course this book had a happy ending, I just didn't think any of this would happen. Gage is involved in a military attack, yet someone Caro's Gran knows was able to tell her confidential information and get her to the base where Gage was taken after the attack. It was lovely, just unrealistic.This is a nice collection of stories, based around knitting. The stories and writings are different. It was a nice, quick read - very enjoyable.

  • Sarah Hook
    2019-05-13 13:16

    I enjoyed the first two stories. I didn't really care for Return to Summer Island. It was really far-fetched, which just made it uninteresting. Plus it really didn't have anything to do with knitting. I liked Debbie Macomber's story bc it fits with Blossom Street. The second story was equally interesting. All were quick and easy reads.

  • Evelyn Wilson
    2019-04-22 19:10

    This was not what I expected. There are multiple stories. First Ellen was adopted by Anne Marie with The Twenty-First Wish. Second is Coming Unraveled with Robyn and her grandmother. T.J. Then there is Caro getting hit by a green van in Return to Summer Island.

  • Lorraine
    2019-05-02 12:06

    Three shorts stories that were predictable and perfect.

  • Notserp2002
    2019-05-09 20:16

    of the 3 stories i enjoyed the one by Debbie Macomber the most and the one by Christina Skye the least.

  • Pat
    2019-04-20 15:08

    A nice story with interesting characters. A good summer, beach read.

  • Janey
    2019-05-07 18:20

    Only read the story by Debbie Macomber as it is part of a series. Perhaps someday I will read the other two stories in this complication.

  • Chris
    2019-05-15 14:12

    I really enjoyed this anthology. Each story was a stand alone but shared the knitting theme. My favorite was by Christina Skye...I didn't want her story to end.

  • PJ
    2019-05-01 19:17

    Three books in one. Light romances with knitting patterns included.

  • Donna
    2019-05-18 18:05

    Debbie Macomber, Susan Mallory and Christina Skye all inside one book - can't get much better than that! Three great stories I couldn't put down.

  • Melissa
    2019-04-20 12:02

    I'm going to be honest I only made it through Christina Skye's part.

  • Lisa
    2019-05-16 19:01

    Sometimes I love these anthologies! This one was great. The authors all have similar yet different styles and each story made to want there to be more! Now while I don't knit, I have zero patience, I like that this is what links the stories.The Twenty-First Wish by Debbie MacomberI was most excited about this section of the book. I have read all of the other books about the women on Blossom Streetand have fallen in love with their story. This book start with Anne Marie Roche signing papers on her new home. She is both excited and worried, as she is concern about her daughter, Ellen, and how she will adjust to the new home away from Blossom Street. Anne Marie adopted Ellen in a previous book which also brought Tim Carlsen, Ellen's father, into their lives in an expected turn of even shortly after the adoption was complete, but Tim had lied to Anne Marie and things were tense between them. Anne Marie has been dating Mel for a few months, but doesn't know what she makes of it. Tim and Mel had a dislike for each other with Anne Marie and Ellen in the middle. Ellen reveals to Anne Marie that she has added a twenty-first wish to the list that Anne Marie, Ellen and their friends on Blossom Streetput together one Valentine's Day. Her wish - for her mom and dad to be a family. Can this happen?I love how this story is written from both Anne Marie and Ellen's point of view. This is a fun loving story that just sucks you in. I finished this section wanting to know more about what was going to be happening in the lives of the friends on Blossom Street. I can't wait for more!Coming Unraveled by Susan MalleryI had never read anything by Susan Mallery prior to this book and I was pleasantly surprised. I like her style of writing and that she had the foresight to hid an important part of T.J.'s life from us.Robyn has arrived home to her grandmother home and knitting store after failing to make it big on Broadway. Right away, T.J., a quiet stranger to her, yet taken in by her grandmother and her friends, feels that Robyn is back to take advantage of her grandmother since he did his homework and realizes that Robyn never made it on Broadway. There is tension between them until T.J. realizes that she actually has a plan. But what is T.J. secret that has hid from everyone in the store.This was a well written story. I would love to see another book that tell us more about the grandmother in this story and her friends got to where they are today. I loved T.J. secret and who he really is.Return to Summer Island by Christina SkyeAfter Caro is in a devastating accident in Chicago, she returns to Summer Island under her grandmother's care. She is frustrated and hurt. She meets Gage, a marine, who is headed back to war. As he is rushing out of town, his departure bumped up, he gets Caro's email address and requests that she write him. He plans to leave his beloved pets with a friend, who ends up being very ill as he is drop them off. With no where to turn, he ends up at the pet shelter, where is pets are taken in and promised to be given a good home until he returns. Caro finds his pets there and builds a relationship with them. She writes with Gage and one night she wakes up with the horrible feeling that something is wrong. Has something happened to Gage?I think that this was a perfect fit for what is going on in our world today. There are so many people separated by the war in the Middle East. I love that this story shows us both what is going on in Gage's war life and Caro's frustrating recovery. This story touched my heart - I actually had a tear at the end of this story.

  • Jeanine Lent
    2019-04-25 20:14

    "The Knitting Diaries" was made up of 3 stories, each one by a different author. The first story was "The Twenty-First Wish," by Debbie Macomber. It is part of the Blossom Street series, & should, ideally, be read after you read the book "Twenty Wishes." In that novel, a group of women decide to make lists for themselves of, what else, 20 wishes. I don't want to give away anything from that novel, but this story, "The Twenty-First Wish," is an enjoyable follow-up to that novel. It is a fun story, about Anne Marie Roche & her adopted daughter, Ellen. It's a pretty simple plot, compared with the author's more involved novels. I enjoyed this story. I don't know if it's necessary to read it, if you are following the Blossom Street series, as I have not yet read the next book in the series.The second story is "Coming Unraveled," by Susan Mallery. I have not read anything by this author, but I did enjoy this story. It is about Robyn Mulligan, who returns home, to Georgetown, Texas, after living in New York City, for 6 years. She had had dreams of becoming a star on Broadway, but those dreams had fallen flat. So, she needs to return home, & will stay with her grandmother, Eleanor. Eleanor owns a knitting store, & she can be found there most days, along with her friends, Adeline & Marion. All three ladies are over 70 years old, but are feisty, strong women. They hold knitting classes, & one of the members is a man, T.J. Passman, who has been coming there for 2 years. When Robyn shows up, he glares at her, & Robyn can't imagine why he seems so angry with her, since he does not know her. We learn a lot about both Robyn & her dreams & plans. We also learn why T.J. is so angry at her. It is an enjoyable story, with rich characters.The third story is "Return to Summer Island," by Christina Skye. It is a story about Carolina (Caro) McNeal, whose parents died when she was just 8 years old. She is then raised by her grandmother, Morgan McNeal, a strong woman, who is a talented artist. When Caro grows up, she wants to help other people who are in pain, so she moves to Chicago & now is a Senior Victim Advocate. Something happens, & she returns to Summer Island, off Portland, Oregon. We also meet a man, Gage Grayson, a First Lieutenant in the Marines, who has been on leave from Afghanistan. His sister has been taking care of his dog & cat, Bogart & Bacall, but she can no longer care for them. He is driving his pets to a friend's house, Jonas, who has offered to take care of them. It is a good story, & I won't give anything away.They are all fairly short stories, so are not as involved as a full-length novel would be. But each is a fun & easy read, perfect for a lazy weekend. I am a fan of Debbie Macomber, & I enjoyed having different authors in the same book. They are similar, in a way, to Debbie Macomber, style-wise. I liked the stories of the other two authors & intend to try their novels, as well. If you are familiar with these authors, you will most likely enjoy these three stories, as well. If you have not yet read anything by these ladies, "The Knitting Diaries" is a good introduction to all three authors.One other interesting thing is that there are also several knitting patterns in the book. At the start of each story, is a pattern you can try, if you enjoy knitting. The characters in the stories do knit; however, it is not necessary for you to know anything about knitting to enjoy the book. It's just an added bonus for those who do love to knit.

  • Lisa
    2019-05-17 17:55

    The Twenty-First Wish by Debbie MacomberThis is a sweet follow up to a main storyline in Twenty Wishes about Anne Marie Roche and her young daughter, Ellen. This is a very typical Macomber story, clean and sweet so I am not going to say much about it. If you read this as a stand alone, you probably are not going to enjoy it as much as if you had read the previous novel because there really isn't a whole lot of back story explained, just enough to refresh your memory. Overall, though, still cute. 3 starsComing Unraveled by Susan MalleryI mainly read this anthology for Susan Mallerys story, as she is a favorite of mine and she did not disappoint with this one. Robyn Mulligan returns home after her dreams of being a Broadway star fall through and she runs into the last person she expects to see in her grandmothers knitting store, a handsome, hot-tempered man by the name of T.J. Passman. T.J. has done his research on Robyn and knows she has not succeeded to the extent that Robyns grandmother and two dear friends believe and he lets her know straight off he doesn't like her for misleading these women he has come to love as they helped him through a terrible tragedy in his life. Secrets are explained quickly and Robyn and T.J. soon develop a steamy relationship that is helped along a bit by Robyns grandmother and friends, who were some great characters! Good, quick, fun read which would have been a great full length I think. 4 starsReturn to Summer Island by Christiana SkyeThis was my first taste of Christina Skye and I enjoyed it. Caro McNeal returns home from her hectic life after a devastating car crash leaves her with the possibility of never knitting again. Needless to say, she is determined to prove the doctors wrong as knitting is an escape from life for her. When Lieutenant Gage Grayson stops by on his way to active duty to pick up a painting from Caros aunt, they both feel the attraction right away and spend the day together, along with Gages children, his beloved cat and dog. As Gage leaves, they exchange emails and begin their correspondences. Caro includes pictures she has drawn of Gages pets that help him out while he is deployed. This was a very sweet, love at first sight story mixed with the powerful attraction of a pets love for their owner, no matter the distance. I really enjoyed this one and it left a smile on my face and a curiosity about more books by Ms Skye. Not much heat though, so I will need to do some research into in is that normal for her or did it just not work for this story? 3 1/2 starsOverall, not a bad anthology. I enjoyed each story and came away with a smile on my face for each one. Being that Macomber and Skyes were both tame and Mallorys was a bit steamy, they didn't really seem like three authors that fit the best together, in my opinion though. 3 1/2 starsI received this ebook via

  • Julie Barrett
    2019-05-06 18:01

    Knitting Diaries by Debbie Macomber, Susan Mallery, and Chritina SkyeKnitting is a comfort to all and you can always strike up a conversation with one who knits.Love that this book is actually 3 different stories from 3 different authors, who also happen to knit.The Twenty First Wish by Debbie MacomberAfter the book 'Twenty Wishes' this follows along the same lines, like a bucket list of sorts.Helen has her own 20 wishes book and shares it with her mother: Ann Marie knows Tim is still recovering from his addiction.Tim is the real father of Helen who Ann Marie has adopted.Helen has started to knit and wants to make her mother Ann Marie a purse to hold when she marries her father. She has a knitting diary.Ann Marie also added her 21st wish to her list...Comes with a knitting pattern of wedding purse.Coming Unravelled by Susan Mallery Knitting Hand Puppet includedRobin was back and brought gifts to the others who ran the shop. Adeline and Marion and Eleanor were the recipients.The knitters were in the corner working on their projects. TJ was the new man sitting there knitting his project.Her dream was to be on Broadway as a dancer. Her mother had died before the same dream had come through.TJ thinks she is there to get money out of the woman and finance her dancing career. He's gonna stick around to makesure she doesn't get any of the older womans money.Robin is there to help her grandmother recuperate after her surgery.TJ leads a class with men who need help in concentration. She has a confession to tell them that she knows won't be easy.She has found her diary where she wrote of her dreams of dancing and knitting.They spend a lot of time together with her grandmother after her surgery and she finds out who he was in his previous life.Return to Summer Island by Christina SkyeCaro's wristlet pattern.Her knitting diary reads that she's leaving Summer Island forever.Her parents had died and her grandmother raised her on the island where the whole community was her family.She is now old enough and had to move on. Has a new apartment, new job and there is a yarn store nearby.She is a senior advocate. The accident left her in the hospital for a week. She was most concerned about her knitting bag.She overheard that she might never knit again.She goes back to the island to recuperate Morgan her grandmother has set up Peter the vet to come visit with an animal in hopes Caro will get her spark back.Gage is there to pick up a painting from her grandmother and she's just broken the family heirloom teapot. He's a marine and on his way back to the war, just there to see his sister through some cancer treatments.They lose contact with one another on his travels back to Afghanistan.

  • Elle
    2019-04-24 14:03

    I don't read Debbie Macomber so I would have normally skipped right over this book. But I was reading "Already Home" by Susan Mallery (gave it 4 stars, great book) and noticed that Coming Unraveled is set in the same town, so I found my way to this book.I skipped right over the Debbie Macomber story.Coming Unraveled was short, sweet and to the point. The story starts off with a little bit of tension due to a misunderstanding. This just sort of fizzles pretty quickly when the hero realizes and admits to being wrong. That is the problem with this story. It's great, but there wasn't a satisfactory tension release, even with the big gesture ending. The story had a good basis, but I think too much was going on to be contained in a short story, and as a result it felt hallow and I didn't really get out of it what I thought I would. So I am sort of torn. I wish wish wish we could have known more about his accident and how he over came it and changed, or her lifestyle in New York and how she has readjusted her dreams, or the grandmother/friends and what they were really about. We got to see glimpses of all of this but there was just not enough space to go through it all.Interestingly, this short story doesn't contribute anything to Already Home. Sometimes there would be more insight into the town or shared characters but the two stories are very distinctly separate.Home to Summer Island was the third contribution to this anthology. It was an OK story and I am sure that people who like clean, super idealistic war-based stories would love it. For me, I felt like the romance was under-developed. The heroine had an interesting story going on with her accident and recovery, but towards the end of the story that stuff didn't seem to matter anymore, so it was a bit redundant reading it to begin with. The romance started off really well, but then the long-distance email-flirting made me cringe. Also, if he dropped my email, I'd think he did it on purpose. But I really do feel like my opinion is tainted by the fact that this wasn't my type of story, but other could appreciate it much more.Bottom line: Comin Unraveled was OK. The other stories, I didn't care too much about. Perhaps knitting lovers will love these stories all the more because they centre on the craft and even provide patterns. But for the casual, non-knitting reader, this book won't get a prime spot on your book shelf.