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ADRENALINE Murder is the ultimate rush When patents start dying unexpectedly in the O.R. at Mercy Hospital, anesthesiologist Doug Landry finds himself the focus of the blame. Is he really incompetent or is there some- thing more sinister going on? As Doug struggles to clear his name and unravel the secret of the mysterious deaths, it becomes clear that someone will stop atADRENALINE Murder is the ultimate rush When patents start dying unexpectedly in the O.R. at Mercy Hospital, anesthesiologist Doug Landry finds himself the focus of the blame. Is he really incompetent or is there some- thing more sinister going on? As Doug struggles to clear his name and unravel the secret of the mysterious deaths, it becomes clear that someone will stop at nothing to keep him from exposing the devastating truth. Doug becomes trapped in a grisly race against time to prevent more deaths--including his own. From the boardroom to the recovery room to the thrilling climax in the operating room, Adrenaline is a heart-pounding, adrenaline rush of suspense, action and intrigue in an extremely realistic setting. If you like the novels of Robin Cook and Tess Gerritsen, Adrenaline will leave you breathless....

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adrenaline Reviews

  • Jennifer Powell Bowling
    2019-05-19 11:47

    Fast paced medical thriller. It was hard to put down and really gets inside your head. Being a nurse, the medical jargon and the "God complex" of certain doctors were not new to me. Mr. Benedict does a great job of introducing you to hospital politics, but there are some parts that teeter on the edge of plausibility. I wouldn't want to read it if I were to have any upcoming procedures though.

  • Alicia Huxtable
    2019-05-02 11:41

    Quite enjoyableI quite enjoyed this, and although I worked out mostly whAt was happening about halfway through, the Book still had a dentists up its sleeve.

  • J&B Reviews
    2019-04-22 11:46

    I would have given this 5 stars but....I would have given this 5 stars but....This was a good thriller with believable characters, decent action and interesting plot. The one thing that really bothered me was that 'Mercy' hospital seemed to lack any security like no cameras or guards during the pivotal ending where gun shots are fired and loud arguments are taking place. Really?

  • Joyce
    2019-04-23 19:36

    This was a fast paced, action packed medical thriller. Unexplained deaths occurred in the OR and an Anesthesiologist begins to look into them. More deaths occurred outside the Hospital, all not making any sense. Eventually everything climaxes in the OR. Well done and well plotted. This is the kind of novel you stay up late to finish.

  • Julie
    2019-05-18 11:56

    Wow!This was such a riveting book! I started this afternoon and couldn't put it down until I finished! It kept me captivated from the beginning! I knew how parts of it would play out, yet there were so many others that I had no idea!! I couldn't believe how captivated I was throughout the entire book! A book I would recommend to any who want a medical drama/thriller!!

  • Tina
    2019-05-19 16:40

    AwesomeI choose the rating because the book was great, kept me on the edge trying to figure out who the murderer was. Felt a connection wit the story because I knew the area which he was describing.

  • Steve Pillinger
    2019-04-23 16:52

    Yes, just as good as Robin Cook. A page-turner with many plot twists and sympathetic characters.

  • Terri
    2019-05-13 16:03

    This was the first book I've read by John Benedict & WOW. I couldn't put it down! The plot was clear & fast paced but, for me, the hilight of the book was the unique insight he shared when the doctors in the book fought for the lives of their patients. The Medical Thriller genre is my favorite & I've read more in this category than I can remember but this was the first time I felt an actual chill up my spine as one patient "woke up" during her surgery (not a spoiler). The ability he has to share the stories of doctors facing their own fears of failing their families & their patients made me almost wish "Adrenalin" was a collection of stories shared by doctors & nurses & not another story about the big HMOs taking over hospitals & the fallout. I'm looking forward to his next book "The Edge of Death" & I hope he might consider doing a book that features a collection of those stories he shared so well.

  • Adele D. Adams
    2019-04-23 11:43

    Impossible to put down! I can't wait to read the next book!An a amazing medical thriller right up there with Robin Cook. Don't hesitate to get this book, you will not be disappointed.

  • Uma Van Roosenbeek
    2019-04-30 13:37

    Picked this book without any expectations. What an enthralling experience! An incredible storyline with a gripping pace kept me glued to the book. The characters are extremely down to earth, extremely real, well etched and ones that the reader easily identifies with, feels the exhilaration, despair, fears and the thrill of the characters. The conversation between the people makes it very down to earth and endearing as it brings their human nature and weaknesses to the fore. The turn of events was unexpected. All in all a great book.It belongs right there with Robin Cook in my humble opinion. Please keep those books coming, Dr. Benedict. Eagerly looking forward to diving into the Edge of Death, the successor to Adrenaline.

  • Alexis
    2019-05-13 13:03

    No question, John Benedict knows of what he writes. On one hand that is great - the reader has an insiders view of hospital administration and Anesthesiologists. On the other hand, it slows the story a bit. Adrenaline has a solid story line and is an interesting mystery/suspense read. There are a few twists I didn't see coming, but some that were no mystery at all.I did take away the impression that I need to be much more careful choosing my physician and asking questions, if I need anesthetics!I received this book, which Dr. Benedict graciously inscribed with his words of wisdom, from a Goodreads Giveaway.

  • Kristen Chandler
    2019-04-23 11:59

    I like thrillers, and I really like medical thrillers, although I don't read a lot of them. There's something intriguing to me about how medical thrillers show you what could go wrong or make you think what if? The storyline is excellent, with several subplots that come together throughout the book. Very believable and likeable (and some NOT likeable) characters. The only negative thing I can say about the book is that it moved a little slow to me in the beginning. But trust me when I say: When the action picks up, it picks up. I gave this book 4.5 stars and would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes thrillers, especially medical thrillers.

  • Linda Kain
    2019-04-22 12:56

    Medical ThrillerI really enjoyed reading this book. The writing is easy to read and the plot is scary. We place a lot of trust in the medical profession and this book showsyou what can go wrong for various reasons. It also shows the tremendous amount of strain a doctor goes through working long hours. This is a good suspense book with an interesting plot that will keep you reading until the very end. You will need to set a block of time to read this book because you won't want to put it down once you start. Bravo and five stars for John Benedict.

  • Teri
    2019-05-01 12:53

    Who knew a book about anesthesiologists would be so suspenseful! I thoroughly enjoyed this book with all of its twists and turns. As I came to like some of the characters in the book, despite their flaws, I couldn't wait to get to the end of the book to find out the final outcome. I read this book on my Kindle and I read from my Kindle while pedaling away on my exercise bike. I had no problem hitting my peak pace while reading this book because I tend to speed up when I read something with a lot of action in it. Many of the operating room scenes provide plenty of that!

  • Deborah Kilduff
    2019-05-05 17:01

    I really enjoyed Adrenaline, by Dr. John Benedict. It was a gripping medical thriller with a lot of twists and turns. This book held my interest from beginning to end. I normally do not pick up procedural novels because they tend to be a bit too technical to read easily. I think the author created a good mix of the suspense of a mystery and the realities of medicine. The characters were well developed and interesting. I look forward to reading Dr. Benedict’s next novel.

  • Debbie Carnes
    2019-05-09 18:48

    I LOVE medical thrillers and this one was wonderful.I had a very hard time putting this down. From the first page the suspense gets you.I've read just about every Robin Cook book out there and this is right up there with those.Great book John Benedict. I already got the second book waiting for me to read.

  • Connie Braseth
    2019-05-11 17:45

    It has been a while since I read a medical thriller so this was a nice change of pace. That being said, there was an awful lot of medical terminology that was lost on me. It really didn't change what I thought of the book, I just skipped over it. The ending was exciting and appropriate.

  • Theresa
    2019-05-19 11:59

    Medical novelLoved this book as much as I did the second book.Lost sleep finishing it. Anyone who likes books on the medical profession will love this two book series. Can't wait for his next novel.

  • Dawn
    2019-05-08 17:47

    very good book, hard to put down....just a few things seemed strange, in the middle of a hospital, guns going off, but no one hears! no security or anything! a drug room is left open and unattended for an extended period of time!?But all in all great book!

  • Heather L
    2019-05-02 14:43

    Great little thriller. A little journey through the ins and outs of an anesthesiologist's life. Not to mention, a little corruption and drama added to the plate. A lot of medical terminology, daily doctor struggles, and drugs are learned with this one. I love when a freebie turns out this well.

  • Sue Boiarsky
    2019-05-16 19:44

    Good read!The story has an unusual twist in the conclusion that I found quite unexpected. I did have a little problem following some of the characters and their connections to one another. I enjoyed reading this book and seeing how it finally ended.

  • Darlene
    2019-04-22 14:03

    Fabulous!I practically finished it in one sitting. It pulls you in right from the start. I liked the credibility of the medical terminology and references, of course due to the fact the author is a doctor. I look forward to reading the sequel.

  • Robert C. smith
    2019-05-02 12:47

    Excellent writer!It's always a pleasure to read a cleverly written novel with lots of spell-binding twists and turns. Dr.Benedict blends in a variety of interesting facts and terms with suspense, intrigue and a bit of humor. Thanks!

  • Tiffany Tinkham-Graves
    2019-05-08 13:56

    I really liked this book! A great medical mystery with a good twist to the ending!

  • Nancy Hovan
    2019-05-17 12:36

    I really liked this book! Full of action and suspense!

  • Beth Sammons
    2019-04-27 20:02

    Great medical thriller. It was a page turner! I liked the unexpected character associations even though you kind of knew who the culprit was the ending was unexpected.

  • darlene barnhart
    2019-05-18 15:46

    AdrenalineI love to read and this book definately deserves 5 stars. it gets your attention and holds it. Read it in one day.

  • Laura
    2019-05-13 11:57

    Really good book. Kept me hooked from the first page

  • L.A. Kragie
    2019-05-07 19:45

    L.A. Kragie Great book! You really captured the life of anesthesia doc. I gave it FIVE STARS.

  • Staci Suhy
    2019-05-08 11:53

    ** I received this book for free as part of a First-Reads program