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Lies. Deception. As soon as the doors open everything will change. As soon as my eyes connect with his I'm drawn to him as if I were a teenager again. Little by little the truth is coming out. Everything he's done to get me back is coming to light. Love is supposed to be easy when it comes to us, but there's nothing easy about this. I've finally come to realize...We'll nevLies. Deception. As soon as the doors open everything will change. As soon as my eyes connect with his I'm drawn to him as if I were a teenager again. Little by little the truth is coming out. Everything he's done to get me back is coming to light. Love is supposed to be easy when it comes to us, but there's nothing easy about this. I've finally come to realize...We'll never be together. Interrupted is a three book erotic romance novella serial....

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interrupted vol 2 Reviews

  • Michelle Fraser
    2019-05-01 11:26

    En verdad traté de seguir con el tercero, pero esta historia es tan... tonta. Mucho drama innecesario, personajes tontos y egoístas, las justificaciones más pendejas que he leído, nop... simplemente no es para mí.

  • aeyc
    2019-05-02 12:42

    What happened?! Was this really the continuation of the 1st volume that I read??? My head was spinning while I was reading. To be precise I don't have a clue on what really was going on! Scenes were like snap! snap! snap! then done! On to the next revelation we go. Emotions from the characters were all over the place. I even got irritated with all of them at some point. I tried my best to not DNF! This was a letdown for a very promising story.

  • Natalie The Biblioholic
    2019-04-20 17:40

    The plot was way too fast. I didn't get a chance to become intrigued by the storyline because I was busy suffering from whiplash. For practically 99% of the book, Cam is begging Sharp to forgive her for something she didn't do and trying to prove to him that she really loves him. Meanwhile he's already convinced himself that she's a liar and therefore untrustworthy and he won't give her more than sex. The reader knows he's mistaken about her abandoning him 10 years ago. I wonder when that "miscommunication" will be revealed. Dude did a lot behind her back in the name of hate. What he seems to think she did is minuscule in comparison to the crazy ish he's done.(view spoiler)[He paid her husband 5 million dollars for her eggs! He's been raising her son Greyson without her knowledge! He's been following her obsessively! He lied and misled her regarding his identity! Now there's a question as to whether or not he was involved in her parents' death! There is just no comparison what he believes her one bad action was. Ridiculous! (hide spoiler)]I hope book 3 has a slower-paced plot. Some anticipation would be nice.

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-10 12:37

    * A review copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review *~ 4 The Secrets Are Out Stars ~I'm left here scratching my head because I don't know how to write this review without giving anything away. I am also slightly confused but that is because we still don't have the full picture….I need Volume 3 to give me all the answers.So I apologize now for this being very vague and short, but I am just going to write my review based on my feelings while reading this installment of the series.Like my title says….The Secrets came out in this installment. After reading Volume 1 I was left with a lot of questions and I am happy to say that MOST of those questions were answered. We do finally find out what Sharp was hiding up to this point. But there is still some things that Sharp is hiding. We didn't find out a lot about his past and what made him like he is….I have to believe that it was just more than him believing Camila left him when they were younger. Hopefully we will find it all out in the final installment.In this installment I have to say that my feelings towards the characters switched….In volume 1 I really liked Sharp and had a disconnect with Cam, but in this volume…I really liked Camila and the character she was turning out to be (even though there were times I wanted to smack her because she let Sharp walk all over her because she loved him so much). As for Sharp…..I have to say I have a strong dislike for him after this book. He was a complete douchecanoe. His ups and downs and mood swings will have you pulling your hair out. I really hope that in the last book he is more like he was in the first one and not so much like this one. This installment was definitely a roller coaster of emotions for me……One minute I was laughing and smiling and the next I was tearing up or cursing at my kindle. Again like in the first book, I truly enjoyed this storyline and where the author is taking this story, I just can't wait for the final book to have all the answers and hopefully a HEA.Being that this is book 2 in a serial, I'm sure you can guess, this book ends with a cliffhanger and will definitely have you wanting more. If cliffhangers or serials/novellas aren't your thing, then I would definitely recommend you wait for all 3 installments to be released, so that it can be read as a complete story.Follow Us at :: Book Bitches Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Tsu

  • Marina (Living In Our Own Story)
    2019-04-26 15:47

    S. Moose is a relatively new author to me but once I read Interrupted Vol 1, this series became definitely a must read for me. And I have to say that I wasn't disappointed with the second part. Similarly to the first part, the story is filled with twists and unexpected revelations, the writing is pretty good and the characters are well developed. I definitely enjoyed getting to know each one of them on a deeper level and also finally revealing some of the secrets from the past.Ayden Sharp continues to be his intriguing and mysterious self. I have to say that I quite admire him as a character. He is strong and ready to fight for the people he loves and the things he treasures most in the world. But at the same time he is sometimes ruthless. He doesn't show his soft side to everyone and that makes him appear invincible to his enemies. The strength and ambition he invested to accomplish everything he has is quite admirable and in a way makes him even more desirable :)Camila is also quite an interesting character. Even though she lived through things no woman should have to, she still finds the strength to continue living her life and even seek love and happiness. Once she finds out about Ayden's true identity, her life is thrown out of its axis once again. Everything she believed to be true appears to be a lie or a deception. But she finds her strength once again to fight again for the one man who held he heart all these years.In a few words, this is a pretty good short story and I can't wait to find out what will happen next with Ayden and Camila. Their story is quite heartbreaking and intriguing and I am sure that the culmination will be definitely worth reading. So if you haven't started reading the Interrupted series, be sure to check it out now :)This review was originally posted at Living In Our Own Story Book Blog. I received an ARC of the book in exchange of an honest review.

  • Ange from Cover to Cover Book Blog
    2019-05-08 11:45

    STARS: 5POV: FirstSERIES: YesCLIFFHANGER: YesWhen I finished Volume 1 of this series, I had many guesses at the secrets that Sharp was keeping. You can’t help but to wonder when you have such a cliffhanger and so many possible avenues. None of my guesses came close to the jaw dropping secrets that were revealed in this book. I was shocked to say the least!The struggle that Ayden Sharp is facing is brutal. I feel his dilemma and empathize with his problem. I can see his side of things to an extent. I’m just glad that I’m not in his shoes. What a tragic past he shares with Cam. It’s like miscommunication or a misunderstanding to the extreme with these two. My heart is breaking for them and I don’t know what is going to happen next!Cam’s pain is completely justified along with her anger. I would feel just as mad and hurt by the secrets revealed to her. Again, while I do see Sharp’s side of things to an extent, I can’t help but to side with Cam more. The chemistry and attraction between Cam and Sharp is undeniable. It’s there and in your face. Even they can’t deny it. They want each other so badly, but there is so much in their way. I don’t know how this is going to end up for them and I desperately want to know!The author drew me in early. The book was well written and in a way that you can feel every emotion along with the characters. Speaking of emotions, mine went through the ringer in this volume! Hot and cold. Off and on. Smiling and tears. I was so drained when I finished, that I didn’t know what to do! I cannot wait to see where S Moose takes us in the next installment. If you haven’t read the first volume, go 1-click today. This is not a journey you want to miss. While I wait for the next volume, I’ll pick my jaw back up from the floor.

  • Brianna at Renee Entress's Blog
    2019-05-12 19:50

    5 Stars!This was the second installment in a new serial series by the amazing S. Moose. I love this author. Everything she hasn't written to date is brilliant but this series.... goes beyond that. This book was amazing. It was sensual, sexy, sweet, suspenseful, full of twists and turns, and totally had me reeling at the end. I need more NOW! Told in dual POV, get ready for an emotional roller coaster ride.This is the continuation of Cam and Sharp's story. Upon the discover to Cam that Sharp is her long lost love, she is reeling and has many questions. She still wants Sharp and more than ever now that she knows his true identity. It would seem Sharp would want this too but he continually pushes her away. Constantly running hot and cold with Cam, she is trying to hang on to hope for a chance with Sharp. But Sharp knows he must be careful because he keeps many secrets that could destroy any chance he has with Cam. As Sharp and Cam try to work on each other, secrets are revealed. Will Cam be able to withstand the obstacles that stand in their way? With a bombshell ending... I am anxiously awaiting the next installment.Ok Sharp... this book made me have a love/hate relationship with him. He was hot between the sheets but would turn cold in an instant. And he did some really stupid sh*t along the way that made me want to smack him. And the secrets he revealed... WTF! I am still reeling from those and then the biggest one of all at the end... I need the next installment life yesterday!I highly recommend this book!Review Post--->

  • Karen's Book Haven
    2019-04-23 13:42

    See my former comments about Vol 1 here … and sadly … it didn’t get better in my eyes. Just when I thought it couldn’t get more passive aggressive – it manages too. The characters have nothing relatable about them. They are both self-centred – living in fantasy of years gone by and they aren’t the people they were that fell in love all those years ago. The book is well edited and had huge potential but the dishonesty, manipulation and blatant disregard for other human beings – team that with more questions than answers – I struggled to enjoy this book.There are developments that make me think ‘well – wouldn’t you have known about Ayden’s sisters?’ There wasn’t enough backstory to explain how they wouldn’t have known each other. She married a man not knowing anything about his family? So unless he lied (and omitting is a form of a lie) all the way back when they first met, she’d be better off without him. Great premise once again and well thought up twists and turns, but the choppiness of them and it raises a lot of ethical issues. Cam is still weak and desperate in my eyes and Ayden is still as manipulative. If this is what the author was going for from a reader, then she hit her target well. I don’t know how they are going to redeem themselves in book three. Too much has gone down and only someone with a lobotomy would be able to look past everything that has happened. The lies, the manipulation, the deceptiveness and the heartache. They are two very lost souls and I’m not sure how this could end well for either of them. Ms Moose has her work cut out for herself to make me change my opinion of these characters.

  • Amie Morgado- We Stole Your Book Boyfriend
    2019-05-20 15:48

    So here they are FACE TO FACE - Just when I thought I possibly knew Sharp's secrets , ya no way think again !! Oh Sharp , how have you managed to get yourself into so much crap I will never know , what a crazy and twisted and sad world you have spun for yourself...This is a 3 part story so I know it is only going to get crazier before we get any answers !! So when we uncover a few of Sharp's secrets we end up finding out he has some more , and they are not small !! There is so much emotion and heartache in this story and I can fully connect and feel it too. The chemistry between Cam and Sharp is off the charts and I love it !! I feel for Cam because she is thrust into this whirlwind and how much can one person take. If I was her I would need a padded room and some heavy meds...I know so many people probably hate Sharp or think Cam should , but they have a past , a past she never got over , obviously he was not over it either. They both thought the other didn't want them and they both followed their promise to basically never look back. Sadly life went on and they both attempted to move on. Sharp looks bad , I mean of all the things he has done why is she not running away. I have to say he may have a lot of secrets but he has given her the one thing she wanted more than him. Can Cam forgive him for all his deception or will she find a way to live without him ?This volume is all over the place, a mind F*** at times. Being a serial it is fast paced and meant to be !! I look forward to volume 3 and knowing my questions will be answered and all secrets will come. Hang on tight !!

  • Reflections of a Book Geek
    2019-05-10 16:45

    3.75 stars! I was given these to read in exchange for an honest review. Well these two books have their fill of twists and turns. There was always something to keep the reader on their toes and I was trying to get the pages turned as quickly as possible to find out what the hell was going on.S. Moose has been able to keep her readers enthralled but without overwhelming them. Cam Ellison knew heartache, her first love had upped and disappeared and now she was with a husband who was becoming increasingly distant and her mind kept returning to the past. Henry was an ass, he didn't seem to care much and done what he liked. Cam decided to get herself a job which is where we meet Sharp. After certain revelations about her husband she knew she needed to stand in her own two feet and be herself again. Sharp loves to be in control, the CEO of his security firm and rolling in money, he just wanted to fuck women. He was burned before and doesn't want to be hurt again but he can't help himself around Camila. She stirs up something deep within and messes with his demons. Can the sexual tension between these two get any hotter. Sharp is arrogant and believes he should get what he wants. At times he totally pissed me off because of the way he treated Camila. Don't get me wrong I got his reasoning but he came off as pompous and deep down we can tell that's not who he really is.This series is a great read. I'm really enjoying where the story is taking us and I am needing volume three right now!!!! I would urge you to pick it up especially if you are after a short read :)

  • JamieZishka
    2019-04-20 11:22

    I really am not sure where to start with this book, It is the second book in the series and the first book Interrupted Vol 1 left us with quite a cliff hanger so I was looking forward to reading this one the minute it came out because there were so many questions I had when Vol 1 ended. I was really hoping to love this story after I got the answers I was looking for but I found myself a little disappointed. For one the main female heroine Cam was really to forgiving no matter what Sharp did she just said it doesn't matter because she loved him...ok I get love but she was a way stronger character in the first book and I felt like in this story no matter what happened she wouldn't even bat an eyelash she just forgave and I am sorry the biggest secret in this book for me was something completely different than what she finally was unable to forgive him for. Not only that the story was a little hard to follow because you never really knew if Sharp was actually upset at Cam or if it was apart of a big scheme. I normally love S. Moose's stories but so far this series has fallen a little short for me so I am hoping the next Volume will pick up and give me some hope that the ending will make a difference.

  • Christina
    2019-05-01 11:40

    We pick up with the continuation of Sharp and Cam’s hot and cold story. For those of you catching this review. Sharp CEO to Sharp Security is a sexy, hot, arrogant, doesn’t do relationships. He’s only ever wanted one girl and that one girl is around but does she realize who He is? Cam is liking her boss Sharp. In this second installment We see the hot,cold, yes,no, twists,and turns of Cam’s and Sharp’s relationship.Hold on to your seats folks, grab a cold shower, a pillow to scream into, a cigarette to smoke on, a glass of wine.. maybe something stronger for this ride! H.O.L.Y. CRAP! I have never been this frustrated, hot,cold,turned on, hate/love a character so much like I do Sharp! Jemesus! One minute I was all “Omg, is he such a sexy fine piece of man.” The next minute I was “OMG, What in the hell is he doing!?” Let me tell you, it was one hell of a ride. I so cannot wait for Vol 3 to come out. I ended the book with..”Well now what can I do with this book hangover?” 5 Stars! ~Chris from Two Crazy Bookaholics

  • Vanessa Sims
    2019-04-21 11:35

    This story starts off right where the first one ended and it’s explosive. From Cam finding out the truth about Sharp and it is a mind blowing secret, but he has a whole lot more secrets that he needs to tell her. Now the one question is, will she forgive him?Now as I am reading this book, I’m getting exited and thinking ‘I knew it, I knew it,’ once the secrets started coming out. Now some secrets my jaw about dropped and I’m think ‘Girl you cannot be serious! You forgave him!’ This story will keep you on edge wondering what will be the secret that makes Cam say, “You know what I’m done with you.” The secret that did I understood why, but I would have walked out the door two secrets ago.Know if that isn’t cryptic enough for you to want to read this series, I don’t know what is.The only problem I had with this book was how Sharp treated Cam. I would have been slapped him. I can’t wait to read the next and final book when it comes out.Check out my other reviews at Nessa's Book Reviews

  • Lisa
    2019-05-17 13:30

    Interrupted Vol. 2 by S. Moose is the second book in her Interrupted series. This story centers around Cam Ellison and Ayden Park and spans the three-part series. Books 1 & 2 end on cliffhangers while book three neatly wraps up the storyline.We open this book with a glimpse from Sharp's POV in the past. On the fateful night when they were left behind, believing themselves betrayed by the other. Bits of the past are slowly handed out allowing a more complete picture to form of the characters and reasoning behind both Cam and Sharp's behavior. Perhaps not justifying either but at least explaining it.But when Cam finds yet another secret that Ayden is keeping from her all bets are off. Can their love withstand this new secret after already being so damaged?

  • Ashley Books and Warpaint
    2019-04-30 19:32

    I had a hard time getting into the story for the first part of Vol. 1 but after I got past the part where Cam leaves her hubby and into Vol 2, I was more able to understand what was going on. Ayden is high on the effed up level of characters that I’ve read but he’s also endearing. Is this what they mean when people talking about serial killers being charismatic and drawing people to them? I cannot wait to get Vol 3 so I can see how this story ends up.The author’s writing style is kind of odd to me because if you are going to have a serial book set then I’d have preferred things been explained more. I had several moments where I looked back a couple paragraphs because I didn’t understand what had just happened. I thought I’d skipped a paragraph or something. I would’ve rated this book higher if there wasn’t so much jumping around and more explanation. Book copies provided in exchange for review.

  • Jenn
    2019-05-06 12:41

    This novel picks up right were Volume 1 leaves off. I highly recommend reading volume 1 in the Interrupted Trilogy in order to understand what is going on.S. Moose has once again delivered a captivating novel that drew me in and held my attention. The relationship between Camila and Aiden is definitely difficult and a roller coaster of emotions.Throughout this volume, Camila has many things thrown at her. She experiences feelings and emotions that she hasn't in a long time. She is exposed to and revealed many things about her past and her life that she had no idea about until now.While Camila is going through these things, Aiden is also struggling with his own problems. He is attempting to move on; however, he realizes, he will never move on from the love of the girl he had when he was younger.I am dying for the next and final instalment in this series!! I need to find out what happens next.

  • Babel
    2019-05-15 14:39

    This second part is like reading through a battle of wills. After the great revelation, Camila and Sharp engage in a hot-cold relationship. She promises him her love, but he treats her badly as he0s still hurt from a betrayal he won't forget. Relentless, he uses her and hurts her, but she won't give up on him.I was entertained by all this pull and push, the vengeful games, the declaration of emotions and the steamy scenes. Sometimes, it felt a bit rushed and not in enough depth, but it still caught my interest. And there's a huge revelation that had been simmering in the back that was responsible for Sharp's continual denial of his need for Cam.I was hoping I was right about this secret which is amazing. That's an intense, twisted thing to happen. The best thing though is that there's another, bigger, more wicked twist to the plot that I didn't see coming. Wow. Poor Cam. That's a cliffhanger hard to survive.

  • LLEPBook Blog
    2019-05-20 11:45

    In the aftermath of finding the first person that ever broke Cam’s heart, and to find out that he has been hiding behind a smoke screen and playing her from afar, she is struggling with the reality that is right in front of her.Ayden has been keeping tabs on Cam ever since she stood him up all of those years ago. Through her marriage and all, while waiting for his chance to step in and show her that he hadn’t been broken and that she’d made a mistake by leaving him.While these two go through round after round of fighting and blaming and trying to figure things out, Cam comes across secrets that have been kept from her for years, and she isn’t sure she can handle many more.As things hang in the balance for Cam and Ayden, I intend to find out what happens in Vol 3.*I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.~ Reviewed by DesireeLLEP Review Team Member

  • Marsha
    2019-05-14 11:45

    Initially, when I began reading this series I thought Ayden Sharp was relatively together and that Cam was pretty whiny while showing a few signs of developing strength. Yet, after reading this second installment, Ayden is one demented and sick SOB and begs the question, why would Cam want a relationship with him.Cam left her husband, Henry for having an affair; however, what Ayden does is far worse and just when you think you know the whole of it, he pulls the rug out from under your feet and you realize his actions/behavior is just plain over the top and sick. Ayden Sharp needs professional help far greater than what love can heal and Cam wants to be with him after all of this, she needs to book a room in the padded cell next to him, Jeez, nobody could ever be this screwed up!!!!!!!!

  • Kelly Willcoxbrackeen
    2019-04-20 11:37

    Don't overanalyze, it's just fictionThe author starts her story in a fun, fast pace with a couple of funny pranks played on our main characters. However, it starts to take an annoying path when the author's whiney heroine starts being a doormat to the strangely obsessed hero. A lot of reviewers complained about the hero's actions being wildly unbelievable. Yes I agree but this is fiction therefore we shouldn't apply the rules that govern reality. That still doesn't change the issue that the hero acts like a spoiled child and the heroine indulges his fits. There are only a minor amount of errors and the plot moves quickly. This book won't make my favorites list but I really loved her pranks. I will continue to the end of the series.Happy reading my fellow bookworms!

  • Renee Entress from Renee Entress's Blog
    2019-05-16 17:47

    5 starI was pulled right into this story. This was a short read that flowed very well. The story has laughs, betrayal, pain, and heartbreak. This is the middle of Cam and Sharp’s story. Cam knows the truth about who Sharp is or does she... Every time you think you know what is going on there is another curve ball to spice up the story. All the lies will come out but are they what you are expecting? Will all the lies finally break Cam for good?This book ended at a critical moment……. I loved Sharp and then I wanted to smack him and not in a good way! He is a totally panty melting alpha. I NEED the next book in this series now…….. I highly recommend this book and can’t wait for the next one.

  • Dana Busenbark
    2019-04-20 17:22

    This book picks up exactly where you would expect it to. While book one was primarily Cam's perspective, book two starts out, giving the back story for Sharp. Thee were lots of twists and turns in this book, it kept me on the seat of my chair hoping that things would get better. This book leaves you wanting to read the third one right away. It was another quick read, and that's just fine. It has a well developed story arc to it. There are some definite surprises towards the end. Things I was NOT expecting.Pick it up and read it!RECEIVED THIS BOOK AS A GIFT FOR A FAIR/HONEST REVIEW and REVIEWER FOR Bloggin With M.Brennan..

  • Colleen
    2019-05-18 15:35

    This book takes off exactly as it should. It's a face to face with tons of questions and even more emotions. We get more of a back story of how & why Aiden is where he is in life. I must say my head was spinning after this one. So many questions have been answered but I really wanna smack Aiden upside the head! He's not listening to the facts & Cam is just accepting it! Then the big reveal of secrets are out!! Holy mother it's HUGE!! I'm honestly not sure how anyone could pull it off OR how the other party could ever forgive no matter how much you love someone!! It's really hard writing this review as I don't want to give anything away.

  • Stacey
    2019-05-03 16:31

    OMG wow . Ayen and Cam secrets and lies come out . and one major secret that may either make or break them . and so want to read book three sighs . this will kill me to wait til july 31st before i can do so sighs . 11 days that will bite to wait that long lol. but wow these two are great together but their past and each other they need to come to terms with the past and look to the future . can't wait to read book 3 . and love love love this book . sad but still it happens even in life so to me this is something that any couple can endure . but can be faced together if you let each other in ,.

  • CatherineWright (Cat's Guilty Pleasure)
    2019-05-08 12:31

    This one starts off right where the last one ended and it's explosive. Cam has found out the truth about Sharp and it's a huge secret. He has alot more secrets that he doesn't want to tell her but knows he needs to. Can she forgive him? This book will definitely keep you intrigued and on the edge of your seat. I really don't like the way Sharp treats Cam and if I was her I would have left after the secret came out, but she stayed. And now that the rest of his secrets are out will she stay and forgive him? I can't wait for the next one to come out so we can find out how it will all end. I loved this story.Review done by Cat for Cat's Guilty Pleasure

  • Johnnie-Marie Howard
    2019-05-16 11:34

    It's amazing and wonderful, Started were Vol 1 left off at. It's a short story that blows your mind. It's so short that it only takes a few hours to read cover to cover. The Author's writing is truly unbelievable, I could get lost into it for days. The author has paid attention to details which is great, not many places to get confused about. Hell it's such a fast read that it's really easy to not stop. It's a MUST READ!!!! This is a 2 person POV story, it has more emotions that take you on a much higher roller coaster then Vol 1 did.***I received this story for free in exchange for an honest review, see more of my review @ ***

  • Judie
    2019-05-14 18:24

    *An ARC was provided in exchange of an honest review* Wow, wow, WOW!!! This volume starts right where volume 1 left off & it was an emotional one for me. The emotions seep out of the pages and straight to your heart. Ayden & Cam have been through so damn much, both together and apart; yet there lives were intertwined. Amazing!!! I was brought to tears a few times reading this book and absolutely blown away with all of the emotions. I wish I could jump right into volume 3 right now, but I have to wait. Another great read!!! A series worth reading!!!

  • Spunky N Sassy
    2019-04-22 11:33

    SNS Rating: 5.0~~~~~~~~~~Patricia's ★★★★★ Review~~~~~~~~~~It was great to finally get the stories of what happened between Ayden and Camila. The things that Ayden does to Camila to push her way is just crazy or is she just crazy for continuing to let him treat her like that? When the truth finally comes out of all the deception that has been don by Ayden will shock you. But it keeps you wanting more from this couple hoping it will work out for them. I loved this second installment. Can't wait for book three.

  • Hooked On Books
    2019-05-04 12:49

    Reviewed for Hooked on Books---4 1/2 stars!This volume picks up where the first one left off and it fills in a little bit of blanks along with way. I kind of figured out what was going on in the first one, but I was a bit surprised when I got through the second one. There's even more twists and turns in this one and we even get some back story on Sharp. I. Was. Floored when I read this volume and completely hooked on wanting the third one! I was reeled in and could NOT stop reading! Grab you a glass of wine, a cigarette and some snacks and hold on for this ride!!!!!

  • Raylene Green
    2019-04-29 16:27

    Reviewed for Hooked on Books---4 1/2 stars!This volume picks up where the first one left off and it fills in a little bit of blanks along with way. I kind of figured out what was going on in the first one, but I was a bit surprised when I got through the second one. There's even more twists and turns in this one and we even get some back story on Sharp. I. Was. Floored when I read this volume and completely hooked on wanting the third one! I was reeled in and could NOT stop reading! Grab you a glass of wine, a cigarette and some snacks and hold on for this ride!!!!!