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Title : Bad
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ISBN : 9780743415354
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 215 Pages
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Bad Reviews

  • Merary
    2019-04-27 12:06

    Just because I want to do something different I'm going to write the reviews in a Friends episode format. Enjoy!The One Where Gaia and Sam are Finally TogetherThe moment everyone has been waiting for: Sam and Gaia are finally a couple. They couldn't be any happier. But then, Uncle Oliver offers Gaia the change to have a family. The thing is . . . he will move to Europe. Will Gaia say goodbye to New York? Meanwhile, Ed Fargo gets the shock of his life: There might be an opportunity to finally walk again. Will he tell Heather?Damn it!! This book frustrated me a bit. Deep inside, Sam is still a coward! Fuck you, Sam Moon!! And Gaia, that wasn't a good decision!! (view spoiler)[Why the heck did you believe Olliver(a.k.a. Loki)? (hide spoiler)]Left with a cliffhanger, I want to know what happens next.P.S. That book cover is gorgeous(The edition I'm reviewing, of course).

  • YoSafBridg
    2019-04-22 15:04

    The Fearless series is a great young adult series with appeal (i think) for both boys and girls (of course never having been a teenage boy~i can't really say for sure). Although it deals with the feelings of a young woman "born without the fear gene" and all the subsequent doubts and insecurities of dealing with that and the normal growing pains of adolescence it also has a fair amount of adventure and intrigue.It makes great high interest reading for the "reluctant reader" because it is not difficult but it keeps up a rather frenetic pace, one novel leading into the next with cliffhanger after cliffhanger.Unfortunately the author originally couldn't keep up with my demand and i moved on to other books. I kept collecting but never picked up the storyline again (i have every intention to~you know what they say about good intentions...)

  • Kim
    2019-04-20 12:55

    I've read this series over ten years ago. But I remember it being very good. For the first 18 books. After that the more it lasted the worst it got. I stopped at book 32. These days I wouldn't give it more than 20.Back to the good stuff. I found that Gaia was a good strong, pretty but still flawed character. She was special without being annoying. It's just that once the author stopped looking over the shoulder of the ghost writer. Things went down the drain pretty fast.Last note. The series may be in boxes but I won't be giving them away any time soon. She's a good example of an interesting main character in an interesting premise.

  • Victoria
    2019-04-25 14:06

    I can't believe that she went with him! Ughhh, she is stupid. She should've had sex with Sam, because she's never going to see him again. It makes me mad to think that Uncle Oliver, or LOKI, is using her. And i can't believe she thinks her father is LOKI. grhhhhh

  • Rose
    2019-04-26 20:02

    JF Pas

  • Ashley
    2019-04-27 17:55

    I don't think she will really leave.

  • Steph
    2019-04-26 17:47

    A great series.

  • Rachel
    2019-05-06 12:52

    it was so good! so many surprising twists as always!

  • Mallory
    2019-04-24 15:01

    Okay. I don't like the models they use for the covers though. They're so un-Gaiaish. I mean there wearing make-up and designer clothes. So un-Gaia

  • anolinde
    2019-05-14 12:07

    How fitting to read a book with this title on Inauguration Day.

  • Mayara
    2019-05-09 17:10

    Could have skipped this one. Very unnecessary. The way Francine Pascal writes to make as many books possible is really annoying.