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The wild dragon, Scorch, has devastated the lands surrounding the kingdom of Gladur Nock. He demands a steady tribute, which impoverishes the common folk and imposes upon them a mood of fear, desperation and want. The errant knight Michael hears of their distress and armed with his knowledge of dragons, travels to offer his support. On his way, he falls in with a communityThe wild dragon, Scorch, has devastated the lands surrounding the kingdom of Gladur Nock. He demands a steady tribute, which impoverishes the common folk and imposes upon them a mood of fear, desperation and want. The errant knight Michael hears of their distress and armed with his knowledge of dragons, travels to offer his support. On his way, he falls in with a community of townspeople living in the forest. They have sought refuge in the woods, but live in constant fear of discovery. They claim to be escaping not only the destruction of the dragon, but also the oppressive rule of the king of Gladur Nock. The knight realizes that the situation was far more complicated than he had first thought. Continuing on his journey, the knight is ambushed and taken prisoner by a troupe of mercenaries capturing men like himself traveling cross country. He is bound with the others and delivered to the dungeons of Gladur Nock. The dungeons are a training camp where the men are sorted out by their ability to fight. Soon, due to his skill at arms, Michael is sent to the Warrior Compound where only the best are trained. Princess Aina, a warrior maiden, oversees their training. He discovers that they are being prepared to go and face the dragon in single combat. In a rare visit, the king exhorts the warriors to be brave and bring him back the dragon's heart. Due to his exceptional skills, Michael is soon chosen as the next King's Champion to go face Scorch. Michael is guest of honor at a banquet, but is disgusted at how the nobility feast and place wagers on how long he will last before the dragon eats him. While awaiting his appointed day, Michael is in the care and guidance of the princess. He discovers that Aina is equally repulsed by how lightly the king and the aristocracy take each knight's sacrifice of his life. Her sympathies lie with the oppressed common folk who go hungry while the privileged classes feast. Aina takes Michael with her repeatedly on her outings to dole out grain to the hungry. Although Michael had at first viewed her as an adversary, he now sees that Aina is his one true ally. Michael rides off to battle with Scorch. When they meet and take their measure of one another, Michael discovers that his ability to understand Star's speech allows him to also communicate with Scorch. The dragon is surprised and intrigued to find a human being able to speak with him. The two engage in a duel of the words where the knight attempts to reform the wild dragon from his destructive ways. Scorch spurns Michael's efforts, and in the end they do battle with one another. With the skills he had learned from Star, Michael is able to befuddle Scorch's efforts to quickly make an end of him. But Star had always impressed on his young apprentice that in battle, the dragon will always, eventually come out on top. Overwhelmed by exhaustion, Michael succumbs. In true dragon fashion, Scorch does not kill his opponent outright, but drags him back to his hoard where he will slowly squeeze the life out of him. Lying beneath the dragon's crushing weight, broken and defeated, Michael reflects on his life and his teachings. Could it be that all dragons carry the same secret, yet elusive, opening to their hearts, available only to the knight at the moment of defeat and imminent death? In a final gesture of farewell to life, Michael connects his heart to that of the disgusting beast that has defeated him. At that moment of union, a transformation occurs, and the dragon is awakened as if from a slumbering nightmare. The dragon Scorch is none other than Michael's own beloved Star, distorted by exposure to the greed, violence and cruelty of the king and his court. Michael gesture has returned him to his peaceful state. Full of remorse for the destruction he has caused, Star sets about healing he countryside, and offers to counsel Michael how to depose the wicked king, without putting himself in danger of returning to his wild nature through exposure to violence. Aina and Michael gather to themselves men at arms from the encampment in the forest. They lay a trap for the king who has pursued him with an army in order to put an end to the rebellious forces and rumors of the knight who claims to have tamed the dragon. Michael and his forces are vastly outnumbered, but reinforcements from Nogardia suddenly arrive, led by none other than Aga and Michael's childhood friend, Colin. The king is routed and defeated. Aina is joyfully received by her people to free them from their oppressors. Michael's own noble past is revealed, and a royal wedding is planned. Star willingly places himself in Michael's care to bring blessings to the kingdom he had devastated as Scorch....

Title : The Dragon of Two Hearts
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The Dragon of Two Hearts Reviews

  • Lillie
    2019-04-02 06:27

    This is the sequel to The Dragon Boy, and the beginning is promising. The writing borrows some of the maturity of the adult protagonist. Michael (in the previous book ‘boy’) is now a mature knight with many adventures under his belt, but he has yet to fight a dragon. He is traveling to where he has heard a wild dragon has settled. This is an active choice, and he has qualms about his decision, creating internal conflict before any other characters enter. When they do, he handles himself with authority and direction, determining his own course. I was hopeful for an engaging story.Then Michael encountered the people of the town he was traveling to, and began to drift once more. He was put in trying situations and his only tactic, ever, was to wait until others saw his base goodness and competency and moved him in such a way as to take advantage of it. There is value in being humble and patient, but when a dragon is promised on the first page and does not appear for much of the rest because the protagonist is not actively pursuing it, the reader’s patience is tested. It would be different if the intervening time were spent preparing for the dragon, attempting to reach it, or building up to it, but nothing much happens while the wait is endured. Michael does meet his only friend/personal connection, and their relationship is shown to bloom romantic. However, because their relationship and interactions are about them being ‘good’ people, rather than specifically suited to each other in any other aspect, it feels forced and unearned.When the battle with the dragon finally does happen, the stakes are fake. In the first book in the series, it is very well established and explained that Michael has been trained specifically to fight and tame dragons, that he knows exactly how to do it: inevitable defeat followed by a very specific series of actions which are drilled into him. When he goes to face the dragon, he forgets all of this. He tries to beat it, and despairs when he cannot and is put in exactly the situation required to tame it. After a dramatic internal sequence he has a sudden epiphany and does exactly what he was deliberately and rigorously taught. Thus, all the supposed suspense constructed around the moment is exactly that: a construct. This book is a sequel, so information given in the first cannot be taken back to aid the narrative. To do so breaks the rules of fiction and creates an immensely frustrating reading experience. The other ‘surprise’ around the moment, one can guess from the title, contributing more frustration with a tone at odds with the reality of what has been created. As reader, I was very conscious of how the writing was attempting to make me feel, and annoyed by the crude, ineffective manipulation.I was very frustrated reading this book. The suspense was lazy, the character relationships shallow, and the narrative pull non-existent. Sure, Michael is one model of virtue, but he is not a compelling character. The beginning showed promise, but the entire rest of the book did not live up. I rate this book 2/10.

  • Li Bo
    2019-04-19 05:37

    I found the entire Dragon series to be great fun-- I was really caught up with the characters.

  • Phaedra Seabolt
    2019-04-15 03:20

    Yet another amazing book that I think my husband and son will love! This story takes place approximately 15 years after the first book "The Dragon Boy." I say approximately because the knight Michael isn't really sure how long he has been a wondering knight. It has been so long that it's almost all he can remember of his life, other than being trained to be a knight by the luck dragon Star. He has spent all these years wandering the country, helping people in need, and trying to find a dragon. Yes he is on the look out to find a dragon to do battle with because that was indeed what he was trained to do.At the start of this story, Michael has heard of two possible dragons. One is at a city that has rumors of having great prosperity. This means that they probably have a luck dragon staying with them. Michael wants to see the luck dragon for himself in case it is his beloved Star, but can't bring himself to travel there. Why? He believes that Nogardia is in that direction and since he was exiled from there, he really can't risk getting close to it. The other rumor he has heard is of a city being plagued by a wild dragon. One that has destroyed homes and lands. This is where Michael is headed. He just may be able to go rescue the city from this destruction and prove to himself that he really was trained to take on dragons. You probably wonder why he feels compelled to prove himself when he was indeed trained by a dragon. Michael has come to doubt he was trained to take on a dragon other than Star and being that Star was tame, it is possible that Star held back on him. That little bit of doubt and also his own pride has led him here to take on the dragon Scorch, for indeed there is a wild dragon in need of taming.I won't tell you how Michael comes to find himself doing battle with Scorch or how the battle turns out other than to say that Michael wins. If he didn't, there would be no need for a third book. This is a beautiful story about how a knight takes on his destiny and even falls in love. He learns about his true heritage and will soon become a king by marrying the princess. It is exactly the kind of tale you would read to both your sons and daughters. I can't wait for Drake to be ready for it. He will love every minute of the action and dream of slaying dragons himself one day. I am looking forward to the third and final book.See other reviews at

  • Jen
    2019-04-17 05:40

    I don't quite know what to make of this trilogy. The writing isn't as good as the story. That's the long and short of it, I guess. And the story got a bit muddled in this one. It didn't help that the hero aged 15 or 20 years between the first book and this. That's an awkward age jump for any author to attempt and I can't say Samson was successful. I'm disappointed because I ended up really liking the first one. Oh, well.There wasn't as much of an arc in this book -- things just sort of stumbled along and I found myself wondering if the author knew where it would end up when he started. There were a few plot twists I guessed at based on the previous book, which is fine. He also tied up some loose ends and filled in some details that were missing from the first story, which is great. But the problem is that Samson ended up revealing a completely new dimension to his world -- one that had been barely hinted at in the first novel and not enough to have prepared the reader for its full appearance at the very end of the second. First thing you learn in your college writing course -- if the phone is going to ring in chapter four, you have to have someone trip over it in chapter two. Thank you, Professor Reinsma, for that invaluable lesson.Also -- the development of the love story was weak. And since it wasn't essential to the story, I wish he'd just left it out completely.I have no idea where this story is going. It doesn't really feel like there's much of a conflict left to resolve -- at least not one important enough to remember. At this point, I'm going to venture to say it might be best to read just the first novel, which really does stand on its own, and avoid the trouble of the second and third.I could be wrong. I'm picking up the third one from the library this week.

  • Gail
    2019-04-15 05:17

    An exciting continuation from the first book. This story is well written. If you love dragon stories, boys coming of age-growing strong- with a good nature- learning from hard work, then you will enjoy this story. Michael goes off to have adventures and many years go by. He hears of a dragon that is causing trouble and travels to that kingdom. On route there, he is captured and put to work with those who will be sacrificed to try and slay the dragon. He meets the princess ( who should have been the ruler) and wins the right to go for the dragon. He also has won the heart of the princess. He goes out to meet the dragon and finds something quite extraordinary. Will he be able to defeat the dragon- even thought Star told him he could never defeat a dragon? 9- and above- A tale like Eragon.

  • Su
    2019-04-15 04:17

    I had a lovely discussion about how our moods sit in our trunk area - heart, lungs and so forth - and our thoughts in our head space. How the trunk is like the moon, the head the sun and how we are affected by both - women especially the moon. A student then said, " lt makes sense then that Aina could understand Star's heart/feelings and Michael his mind/thoughts." Excellent story for considering morality, bravery, love and loyalty.

  • Rahul
    2019-04-21 05:35

    When authors come to my school, I always get a few books and have them sign them. So when Donald Samson came to my school a year or 2 ago, I got the first 2 books. (The 3rd hadn't come out yet) I was immediately into the book by the first chapter, at the most. Both the 1st and 2nd books were amazing!

  • Alexf
    2019-04-01 01:41

    The dragon of two hearts was an excellent read it always had something going on and the story all came together at the end. I love the authors writing technique. i would first sight the dragon boy which was the first book. I suggest this to middle schoolers and up. .

  • Brent Warkentine
    2019-04-01 05:33

    Liked how the story got more it was growing up with its readers. Looking forward to book 3

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    2019-03-29 09:26


  • Thea
    2019-04-14 01:44

    I read this to my 3rd grade students, and they were riveted. Each week they would beg to hear more of the story!

  • Ethan
    2019-03-30 07:20

    this is a great sequel to ''Dragon Boy''.

  • Elizabeth
    2019-04-09 05:35

    It had some cliches and not exceptionally written but the plot was great.

  • Kate
    2019-04-01 03:33

    It was an amazing second book. And I loved it how the author brought back old secrets and knowledge from the first book as well as old characters. Defiantly a favorite.

  • Sarah Stockton
    2019-03-21 03:36

    Ben and I are reading this trilogy together. We are both enthralled.